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Just Skeptics Episode 27

Episode 27 of the official Greater Manchester Skeptics Society Podcast “Just Skeptics” is now available. Find it in itunes, on Libsyn  or subscribe to our RSS feed at Libsyn. For Halloween, we’re joined by guest host Ayesha, who gets on her soapbox about Jeremy Hunt, plus we discuss how sitting on your backside helps burn

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GM SitP 9th Sept: Martin Robbins – 3rd World Crackpots & Quackery

Following on from last month’s excellent soapbox talks and July’s incredibly well received Matthew Cobb event, for September we’re bringing in a speaker who anyone involved with the 10:23 campaign will be aware of – as well as anyone who reads The Guardian, or has ever been interested in science and had access to the

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Trying to break out of the echo-chamber…

A brief exercise in navel-gazing regarding engagement and whatnot. There is obviously a serious side to my protest/spoof application for the job of homeopath to NHS Tayside. I did not expect the post to get the attention it has got, and I still do not expect it make the bigwigs at NHS Tayside to change their

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Podcast – Just Skeptics Episode 1

We’ve finally got our podcast off the ground, and we’d suggest you listen to it! Every week we’ll be discussing a handful of skeptical or scientific news stories, and then we’ll let our rotating guest host get on a soapbox and rant about a topic of his or her choosing. This week we’re joined by

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10:23 in Manchester

At 10:23am on January 30th, more than three hundred homeopathy sceptics nationwide took part in a mass homeopathic ‘overdose’ in protest at Boots’ continued endorsement and sale of homeopathic remedies, and to raise public awareness about the fact that homeopathic remedies have nothing in them. The Greater Manchester Skeptics were proud to organise the Manchester

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