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Just Skeptics Episode 32

We’re a little late with this post… this episode went up at the end of January, and we’ll be recording again this week. “Janis, Gavin and Rick are joined by local author and organiser of the GMSkeptics Bookclub ‘Skeplit’, Joely Black for a Soapbox on ‘The Secret’. Meanwhile, Rick discusses the recent news on four cases

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Just Skeptics Episode 27

Episode 27 of the official Greater Manchester Skeptics Society Podcast “Just Skeptics” is now available. Find it in itunes, on Libsyn  or subscribe to our RSS feed at Libsyn. For Halloween, we’re joined by guest host Ayesha, who gets on her soapbox about Jeremy Hunt, plus we discuss how sitting on your backside helps burn

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Just Skeptics Episode 26

After an 8-month Break, Just Skeptics is back with episode 26.  This week, we’re getting back into the flow of things with discussions on the Daily Mail’s reporting of The End of Global Warming,  the ‘Gay Agenda’ behind an anti-bullying campaign, and things you shouldn’t worry about in regards to your children and the HPV Vaccine. With

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Tania Glyde at Skeptics in the Pub: 9th June at TV21

“Addiction is one of today’s favourite manias. Like allergies, everyone’s got to have one, and many present the evidence for their ‘addictive personality’ by announcing their greater-than-average capacity for biscuits. But what is addiction? Compulsion, behaviour, illness, all three, or none of the above? Do AA and other 12 step recovery programmes really work? And

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Can 10 minutes on a magnetic bed cure all your aches and ailments? (Er, no)

Fantastic news – the UK is finally getting it’s own electromagnetic clinic using the latest Bemer 3000 magnetic beds. Using ‘Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulators’ they emit a “pulse which is actually just below that of the earth’s own magnetic field“. It “balances energy defeciences“, allows “self-healing on a cellular level” and boosts the immune system. It

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