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Just Skeptics Episode 30

Hello! Welcome to the End of the World and/or Christmas 2012! This week we don’t have a Soapbox, but we’re discussing all things apocalyptic-y and have some light-hearted festive fun around our potential last day on the planet, with regulars Janis Callister, Gavin Schofield and Rick Owen, and almost regular Geoff Whelan. GMSS Skeptics in

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Just Skeptics Episode 29

Join us for Episode 29 of Just Skeptics, now available as usual via itunes, libsyn, or your favourite rss client. This episode is a little late due to a pesky little nerve, we hope it won’t spoil your enjoyment. This week, Janis, Rick and Gav are  joied by returning guest host Geoff Whelan ranting about something he saw

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Just Skeptics Episode 26

After an 8-month Break, Just Skeptics is back with episode 26.  This week, we’re getting back into the flow of things with discussions on the Daily Mail’s reporting of The End of Global Warming,  the ‘Gay Agenda’ behind an anti-bullying campaign, and things you shouldn’t worry about in regards to your children and the HPV Vaccine. With

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The Bible vs Disney, Round One

Published on November 6th, 2011 by in Disney, Religion

This post may be a bit silly and probably should not be taken seriously, enjoy! When I was young, as far as I was concerned anything that happened before I was born happened at the exact same time  - Hamlet & Animal Farm were contemporary, the wheel was invented alongside the plane and old kids

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Just Skeptics Episode 23

It’s a “Religion & Law” special as we’re joined by returning guest Geoff Whelan who applies his legal expertise to women in Islam, pointy bits on buildings, a French ban on Ninja’s and tax-exempt status for religious charities. We also dis’ the Swiss. Click here to listen (right click to save) : Just Skeptics Episode 23 This

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