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SkepLit: The Choosening for May 2013

Published on May 20th, 2013 by in Bookclub, Books, Skeplit

The various members of SkepLit gathered yesterday afternoon to select books for the next few months. We have changed the rules for book selection this time around, and we no longer have public voting. Remember, if you’d like SkepLit to consider a book (which must be non-fiction), you need to show up for the Choosening

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SkepLit: The Choosening – Update

First of all, a massive apology that this didn’t go up right after we did The Choosening officially. I decided that since we now have regular members and a bit more of a routine, we wouldn’t open up the list to general voting. Instead, all the books presented at the group would have a chance

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Sagan vs. Skeplit: Exploring the Demon-Haunted World

Published on November 10th, 2011 by in Books, Skeplit

If you’ve ever wanted the chance to discuss some of the many great books out there on science, skepticism and rational thinking, this is your chance. SkepLit meets every month in Manchester and gives people the chance to talk about the books they’ve been reading. This month it’s time for one of the icons of science and

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Tania Glyde at Skeptics in the Pub: 9th June at TV21

“Addiction is one of today’s favourite manias. Like allergies, everyone’s got to have one, and many present the evidence for their ‘addictive personality’ by announcing their greater-than-average capacity for biscuits. But what is addiction? Compulsion, behaviour, illness, all three, or none of the above? Do AA and other 12 step recovery programmes really work? And

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SkepLit: The Greater Manchester Skeptics Bookclub.

Ever read a book and wondered whether it was good science? Want to find out if all those bestsellers like The Secret and Quantum Healing have anything in them? Want to read science, discuss science, and even eat cupcakes? Greater Manchester Skeptics is launching its new book club, SkepLit. We aim to get critical about

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