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SkepLit: The Choosening for May 2013

Published on May 20th, 2013 by in Bookclub, Books, Skeplit

The various members of SkepLit gathered yesterday afternoon to select books for the next few months. We have changed the rules for book selection this time around, and we no longer have public voting. Remember, if you’d like SkepLit to consider a book (which must be non-fiction), you need to show up for the Choosening

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Just Skeptics Episode 32

We’re a little late with this post… this episode went up at the end of January, and we’ll be recording again this week. “Janis, Gavin and Rick are joined by local author and organiser of the GMSkeptics Bookclub ‘Skeplit’, Joely Black for a Soapbox onĀ ‘The Secret’. Meanwhile, Rick discusses the recent news on four cases

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SkepLit: The Choosening – Update

First of all, a massive apology that this didn’t go up right after we did The Choosening officially. I decided that since we now have regular members and a bit more of a routine, we wouldn’t open up the list to general voting. Instead, all the books presented at the group would have a chance

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SkepLit: The Choosing – Our Next Books Have Been Chosen

Published on April 9th, 2012 by in Bookclub

The votes are in, over at SkepLitBooks. It’s been an intense week of voting. Well, it’s been a week of voting, at least. Finally, we have our books for the next few months. In fact, we have a bit of an issue, as some of the books have received the same number of votes. Since

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SkepLit Versus The Extremists: The Rematch – 22nd Jan 2012

Published on January 4th, 2012 by in Bookclub, Skeplit

Jon Ronson has just had one of his books made “Story of the year” by the Guardian. The tale of a young man who pretended to be mentally ill to get off a GBH charge, and then spent the next ten years in Broadmoor with the diagnosis of psychopathy appears in his latest book, The

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