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Just Skeptics Episode 30

Hello! Welcome to the End of the World and/or Christmas 2012! This week we don’t have a Soapbox, but we’re discussing all things apocalyptic-y and have some light-hearted festive fun around our potential last day on the planet, with regulars Janis Callister, Gavin Schofield and Rick Owen, and almost regular Geoff Whelan. GMSS Skeptics in

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Huge thanks to all who came along last night to celebrate Geek Pride day at our GMSS ThanksGeeking event!  There were some outstanding geeky costumes- Superman Mid-change, Tony Stark complete with arc reactor, Biff from The Future, River Tam, two (!) Daleks, Bladerunner’s Rachel (with cuddly owl), a reformed Borg, and Super Mario amongst others,

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Upcoming Events: Socials, Iszi Lawrence, and ThanksGeeking!

If you’ve never been to one of our events before, then don’t worry. We’re a friendly bunch, and there’s no skeptical test you need to pass or anything. So see below for a taster of upcoming events, and find us on facebook, twitter, and meetup , or click on our local events tab on this website

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Liz Lutgendorff at SitP on Skeptical and Secular History, 9th February 2012

This Thursday, 9th February, we have the pleasure to host Liz Lutgendorff at TV21 for our monthly Skeptics in the Pub speaker event. Liz’s love of European history and castles brought her over to the UK in 2006 and the beer, skepticism and doing an MA (and now a PhD!) has made her stay.  If you’ve

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Jeff Forshaw at Manchester Skeptics in the Pub, 12th January.

We’re back after the festive break, and ready to take on the New Year quantum style…. with our opening 2012 Skeptics in The Pub talk featuring Professor Jeff Forshaw on 12th January (see below for details of venue). Jeff will discuss the topics from his new book, “The Quantum Universe”, co-authored with Prof. Brian Cox, in which

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