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Just Skeptics Episode 27

Episode 27 of the official Greater Manchester Skeptics Society Podcast “Just Skeptics” is now available. Find it in itunes, on Libsyn  or subscribe to our RSS feed at Libsyn. For Halloween, we’re joined by guest host Ayesha, who gets on her soapbox about Jeremy Hunt, plus we discuss how sitting on your backside helps burn

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SkepLit: The Choosening – Update

First of all, a massive apology that this didn’t go up right after we did The Choosening officially. I decided that since we now have regular members and a bit more of a routine, we wouldn’t open up the list to general voting. Instead, all the books presented at the group would have a chance

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Just Skeptics Episode 26

After an 8-month Break, Just Skeptics is back with episode 26.  This week, we’re getting back into the flow of things with discussions on the Daily Mail’s reporting of The End of Global Warming,  the ‘Gay Agenda’ behind an anti-bullying campaign, and things you shouldn’t worry about in regards to your children and the HPV Vaccine. With

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Tonight: Is philosophy relevant to science?

Published on October 11th, 2012 by in SiTP

Tonight at Greater Manchester Skeptics monthly SiTP, we’re proud to host Dr Clio Bellenis. After philosophy was dismissed by physicist Brian Cox, she decided that she had to speak out in favour of this oft-misunderstood subject. Addressing philosophical concepts such as personal identity and free will, Dr. Bellenis will talk some modern philosophical thought and the

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