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SkepLit: The Choosening – Update

First of all, a massive apology that this didn’t go up right after we did The Choosening officially. I decided that since we now have regular members and a bit more of a routine, we wouldn’t open up the list to general voting. Instead, all the books presented at the group would have a chance to be read. We’re a small club and it means nobody has to miss out on having their book added to the list.

In September, we read Mark Henderson’s The Geek Manifesto, which spurred one of the most prolonged discussions we’ve ever had at SkepLit – and for once, it wasn’t about gaming. These are the books we’ll be reading over the next few months. We start this Sunday – I’ve booked the table and everything – so you’re welcome to come along. New members don’t need to have read the book in advance, although it definitely helps if you have.

October: Kevin Warwick – Artificial Intelligence: The Basics

November: James Martin – The Meaning of the 21st Century

December – no meeting

January: Bruce Hood – The Self Illusion

February: Larry Rosen – iDisorder

March: Lawrence Krauss – A Universe from Nothing

April: Richard Wiseman – Rip It Up

Don’t forget, we meet in Waterstones 2nd View restaurant on Sunday afternoon at 2pm.


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