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Just Skeptics Episode 28

Episode 28 of the official GMSS podcast “Just Skeptics” is upon us!

In this episode, Gav, Alex and Rick and myself (Janis) are joined by blogger and SitP speaker, Tom Williamson AKA Skepic Canary for the fortnightly general news round up and gentle piss taking of anything which grabs our fancy.

On the bill this week, Alex has something new, both to celebrate, and to get in a skeptical tizz about.  First on the list: Vitamin K.  We also hear more from Gavin about a certain skeptic-hater with a love of google image search (don’t try this at home, kids), Rick discusses politics, and guest host Tom waxes lyrical about Brass Eye (and why not!).

Don’t forget, questions and comments are always welcome, and if you get a chance, leave us a review on itunes!

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*And it was the Daily Star!


2 Responses

  1. http://freethoughtblogs.com/amilliongods/2012/11/21/its-not-feminism-just-because-it-claims-to-empower-women/

    Speaking of births… I wrote about one of the least known forms of quackery aimed at birth issues.

    We think anti-vax or homeopathy is deadly. Not so. The way homebirths are marketed to women and their methodology is one of the deadliest forms of pseudoscience available. It’s just one of the ones that isn’t well known.

    (You mentioned on the podcast and didn’t cotton on to that one).

    • There are many issues in that particular area, all worthy of discussion, and so this wasn’t instead of, rather than as well as. We have a supposedly 30 minute podcast (yeah I know, it’s well over!) and I am sure this topic will arise in due course. It’s not a case of “cottoning on”, as this is a subject I am already interested in personally. However, I’d rather do it full justice rather than tag it on to the end of a discussion Alex raised and that he was interested in. I also would like to continue to properly evaluate the evidence before such a discussion, and I simply don’t feel that I am at that point yet.

      Hope that makes sense. Thanks for your comment and link to Your Blog!

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