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The Podcast

Just Skeptics is the official podcast of the Greater Manchester Skeptics. Every two weeks, we gently take the piss out of anything we find on the fringes of science, medicine and reason.

The Format

We follow a painstaking formula to handcraft each episode of this remarkable show – we first trawl the internet for the latest news stories, we invite an interesting guest onto the show and they help us discuss each item and share our (possibly ill-informed) views on the subject. This is followed by an editing process to remove the bad puns and sexual humour which takes so long that when finished the news stories are long out of date – this is absolutely crucial. We then release the new podcast to the world via our website for people worldwide to enjoy.

The Guests

The most important part of the show are our fantastic guests. Every episode we invite someone interesting to join us in the discussion – previous guests include Mike Hall from the Skeptics with a K podcast and Hayley Stevens, co-founder of the British Anomalistic Research Society. Our guest may not be someone you’ve heard of, but they will always have an interesting opinion to share with you.

The Soapbox

At the exciting climax of each episode we have the ‘Soapbox’ – a five to ten minute segment for our guest host to rant on any topic dear to their heart. In the past we’ve had soapboxes covering everything from prisoner rights to ghost hunting. Our only restriction is that the soapbox has to be about something vaguely scientific or skeptical.

Give us a listen – we’re available on iTunes and via RSS. If you like the show, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

You can e-mail us at contact@justskeptics.org

UPDATE: For blog posts containing show notes and a right to reply, visit our website at justskeptics.org

7 Responses

  1. Elio PENNISI

    This is to suggest to split speeches into meaningful files of 10 max 15 minutes. Too long a speech does not invite to listen, given the haste we must sustain in this busy time. In general, podcasts conform to this standard.
    Thank you for your mission and regards.
    (BHA member)

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  3. SumYung

    @ Elio PENNISI

    I disagree that interviews should be no longer than 10 minutes. I listen to shows that have 3 hours of interview in them, please don’t speak for everyone when stating your own preferences, if you don’t like the show then just don’t listen ok?

  4. Hello, all,

    Just listened to your newest podcast, and enjoyed it, as usual. I wanted to comment on it, and so I found this website. Perhaps I’m stupid, but I can’t find a way to comment on a particular podcast on this site. Perhaps I’m unskilled, but I can’t find ANY way to respond to a “Just Skeptics” podcast. Please raise me up out of mine ignorance, and direct me to the appropriate URL.

    Muchos Besos,

    -Charles, north of Tijuana, BC.

    • Hello! Sorry Charles for my very very late reply.
      I’ve started posting each episode as a blog post, each one with “Just Skeptics Episode X”
      I hope this helps,a and that you’re still there ;)

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