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The Greater Manchester Skeptics Society (GMSS) runs events in Manchester such as Skeptics in the Pub and Skeplit, our bookclub. A bunch of skeptics from the surrounding area get together to discuss science – sometimes with a guest speaker, sometimes without, over a pint of beer or a cup of tea.

You don’t have to be a member to come to our events, everyone and anyone is welcome. If you’re in Manchester, come along!

Speaker : We’ll have a guest speaker over on the second Thursday of each month. This is usually held in the basement bar of TV21 in the Northern Quarter, speakers start at 8pm and door are usually open from 7:30pm or earlier.

Book Club : Somewhere in the middle, usually the third Sunday of each moth, SkepLit is at the Cafe in Waterstones on Deansgate.

Social : On the last Thursday of each month we’ll generally meet at 7PMish in the Sandbar, just off Oxford Road.

For more information, check our local events calendar or our Facebook page.

11 Responses

  1. Steve

    Hi guys, I live in the States but I was born 10 miles from Manchester. I’m vice President of a Freethinker group here and I’ll be over in UK probably in November. I’d like to meet with a sane group after enduring over 22 years of insanity here.

  2. Johnny Marsdon

    I’d steer clear of this group of religious science nuts, they actually believe you can catch flu!

    About as free thinking as any theist you can get, they even have high priests like Ernst/Singh/pebble/jackson it’s amazing.

    Doesn’t matter how much evidence you present they can only see one thing, trouble is no one knows what it is.

    Sort of people you would find hanging in the Hacienda or vomiting off the top of the Arndale centre, they are the guys who would get lost in the mirrors.

    They are known as septics over hear, what do you call them?

  3. Grassy Knollington

    Pub / cog sinister! Vartch staplegun wibble


      • Grassy Knollington

        That’s correct. However, aside from representing the bottom few levels of a food chain that supports commercially important fisheries, plankton ecosystems play a role in the biogeochemical cycles of many important chemical elements, including the ocean’s carbon cycle.

  4. Is it possible to hold the talks in a disabled-access friendly place? I’ve been told currently they’re down a flight of stairs in the back of the pub.

    • Hello,
      Yes, we have been working on trying to find a disabled-access friendly venue with the same facilities in the city center, so far without much luck. If you (or anyone else reading this) know of somewhere, please do get in touch. Otherwise, we will continue to investigate the possibilities until we succeed. Our apologies until then.
      Thank you,

  5. Luke

    Hi. I noticed the post above was made in 2010. Do you guys still meet at the same time and location? I’d like to come along to the next one.

    • Hi Luke, I’ve updated the information. Most of it was right, with the exception of Skeplit’s venue.
      If you are on facebook or meetup, specific events are posted over there, under “Greater Manchester Skeptics Society”.
      Thanks for asking!

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