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Just Skeptics Episode 17

You can now download and listen to the 17th episode of Just Skeptics – the official podcast of the Greater Manchester Skeptics. We invite guest host Conor Pendergrast from Belfast SitP who gives a valentines love letter for QED, we also discuss the “ban on herbal medicines” and unusual cancer treatments.

Can 10 minutes on a magnetic bed cure all your aches and ailments? (Er, no)

Fantastic news – the UK is finally getting it’s own electromagnetic clinic using the latest Bemer 3000 magnetic beds. Using ‘Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulators’ they emit a “pulse which is actually just below that of the earth’s own magnetic field“. It “balances energy defeciences“, allows “self-healing on a cellular level” and boosts the immune system. It

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Bad advice for the winter.

Last Saturday I went out for a venue finding mission with some skeptical chums, and in between bars I was distressed to see that mad, bad and dangerous medical advice is never far away. Nearby to a possible venue we chanced upon a vegetarian health shop and in their window we found this: I set out to

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