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The Bible vs Disney, Round One

Published on November 6th, 2011 by in Disney, Religion

This post may be a bit silly and probably should not be taken seriously, enjoy! When I was young, as far as I was concerned anything that happened before I was born happened at the exact same time  - Hamlet & Animal Farm were contemporary, the wheel was invented alongside the plane and old kids

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The Council of Europe advise a ban on wi-fi, should we break out the tin foil hats?

Published on June 19th, 2011 by in EHS, Electronics

Readers of this blog have no doubt seen the news coverage of the WHO’s recent decision to class mobile phone radiation as a carcinogen. I believe there are a few problems with this decision, but I’ll direct you to either read Orac’s blogpost on the matter or listen to our latest podcast to get more information about it. What worries

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Review – Hypnotism for Beginners

Unusually for an avid reader of books, I spend a great deal of time reading. This not only educates me on many interesting subjects but many non-fiction books will also entice me with the further reading sections (just before the index if you need directions), allowing me to learn more on a subject or to

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James Randi on Climate Change

Since the dawn of mankind the world has had it’s great men – Norman Borlaug, Carl Sagan, Galileo Galilei and that dude that invented the wheel (his name was either Frank or Bob). These are the people who have changed not only the way we look at the world but also how we interact with

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Can 10 minutes on a magnetic bed cure all your aches and ailments? (Er, no)

Fantastic news – the UK is finally getting it’s own electromagnetic clinic using the latest Bemer 3000 magnetic beds. Using ‘Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulators’ they emit a “pulse which is actually just below that of the earth’s own magnetic field“. It “balances energy defeciences“, allows “self-healing on a cellular level” and boosts the immune system. It

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