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The Council of Europe advise a ban on wi-fi, should we break out the tin foil hats?

Published on June 19th, 2011 by in EHS, Electronics

Readers of this blog have no doubt seen the news coverage of the WHO’s recent decision to class mobile phone radiation as a carcinogen. I believe there are a few problems with this decision, but I’ll direct you to either read Orac’s blogpost on the matter or listen to our latest podcast to get more information about it. What worries

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Just Skeptics Episode 21

We’re joined by Polyp – a political cartoonist and activist for out latest episode. Polyp recently debated against the 9/11 conspiracy theories for us and wrote this article about the topic for New Internationalist Magazine. This episode we talk about mobile phone radiation, political correctness (presumably gone mad), rapture parties and the fallout from our conspiracy debate

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