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Just Skeptics Episode 29

Join us for Episode 29 of Just Skeptics, now available as usual via itunes, libsyn, or your favourite rss client. This episode is a little late due to a pesky little nerve, we hope it won’t spoil your enjoyment. This week, Janis, Rick and Gav are  joied by returning guest host Geoff Whelan ranting about something he saw

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Just Skeptics Episode 19

We discuss Charlie Sheen, Warlocks and the amazing “Power of the Purple Flame”. We also have our first ever interview – we talk to Andrew Copson of the British Humanist Association about the Census Campaign and Humanism in general. Click here to listen (right click to save) : Just Skeptics Episode 19 This episode (and more)

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Just Skeptics Episode 16

This podcast was uploaded at 11 minutes past 1… Our first ever transatlantic guest host is Amber Sherwood Kost of the Kitsap County Skeptics who joins us for our sixteenth episode. We discuss the numerological significance of the number eleven, plans for a massive pyramid power station and the inconsistency of the Daily Mail’s vaccine advice.

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GM SitP 9th Sept: Martin Robbins – 3rd World Crackpots & Quackery

Following on from last month’s excellent soapbox talks and July’s incredibly well received Matthew Cobb event, for September we’re bringing in a speaker who anyone involved with the 10:23 campaign will be aware of – as well as anyone who reads The Guardian, or has ever been interested in science and had access to the

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And the award for most ham-fisted attempt at astroturfing goes to…

It could only be Nancy… I was googling the other day, and I happened across this page on wikianswers.com: Q. Why is homeopathy getting more and more popular? — Post continued here:

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